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Weed Control in Alexandria, LA

Overwhelmed by weeds? If you’re fighting a losing battle with weeds, turn to TruGreen for thorough and effective weed control in Alexandria, LA. Whether you are dealing with thistles, crabgrass, dandelions, or dollar weed, you can depend on our lawn care experts to win your weed war without whacking away at your yard. We perform pre-emergent treatment and post-emergent treatment so weeds don’t stand a fighting chance.

Get to the Root of the Problem with Weed Control

No weeds are welcome on your lawn. They not only look bad, but they also strangle your grass and prevent new seeds from taking root. Fortunately, we have PhD-holding scientists at our company who know how to control weeds. We want you to have a lawn you love. Using specialized herbicides for your specific weed problem, we provide pre-emergent treatment to prevent weed growth from happening. If your lawn is already suffering from a weed problem, we treat it with a post-emergent solution to eradicate any existing weeds.

How to Have a Weed-Free Lawn

You want a lawn that stays weed-free all year long. By providing the TruGreen Healthy Lawn Guarantee®, we promise it! Even between regular visits, we’ll make adjustments to your lawn maintenance plan if you notice any sign of weeds returning. Schedule a thorough TruGreen Healthy Lawn Analysis today. Whether you need weed control, lawn aeration, or overseeding, we’ll develop a customized plan to give your lawn exactly what it needs.

Contact us to schedule a consultation if you’re tired of pulling up weeds in your yard. We proudly serve customers throughout Alexandria, Louisiana.

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